Chiptuning advantages

Benefits that you can only achieve with Tuningkit

  • Up to 25% more power and up to 25% more torque
    Only one of many reasons why people like Tuningkit so much. The exact performance increase varies by vehicle and engine type.
  • Lower fuel consumption by up to 1L/100 km
    With more power and constant driving behaviour, fuel savings of up to 1L/100 km are possible.
  • Fully digitial functionality
    Many older chip tuning modules use simple resistors in order to increase injection volumes in the engine. Tuningkit works completely digitally with the most modern hardware and up-to-date software
  • Can be set in 16 steps.
    Each module can be individually adjusted to your vehicle. Simply contact our partner for further setting options.
  • Intelligent tuning
    Tuningkit recognises your driving mode, and regulates the power in a fully-automatic fashion. For example, this increases the tuning effect for fast acceleration. For slower driving sections, tuning operation is turned down.
  • Simple self-installation without special tools.
    You need no special tools to install Tuningkit. Tuningkit is simply installed in the engine compartment.
  • Consistent engine life
    Tuningkit does not shorten the life of your engine.
  • High-quality, waterproof housing
    Our chip tuning’s waterproof housing is especially rugged, and also suitable for agricultural operation.
  • The vehicle remains capable of being diagnosed.
    Because our chip tuning module does not overwrite the manufacturer’s software, and therefore works completely independently, your vehicle is completely capable of being diagnosed.
  • Tuningkit can be removed without leaving a trace.
    Thanks to simple installation, Tuningkit is also easy to remove. Thus Tuningkit leaves no traces in the manufacturer’s software or in the engine compartment.

…Even more benefits? Read more here about our technology and the functions of the tuning kits.