Easy installation

Easy installation with Tuningkit

Tuningkit can be easily and quickly installed in your vehicle without extensive technical knowledge. The connections vary depending on the engine type, but our chip tuning is generally always installed at the same location.

For common rail engines (diesels):

You can recognize a common rail engine by the distinctive tube with the injectors, which runs along the engine and supplies it with fuel. The number of injectors can vary.

In order to install Tuningkit, the connector at the end of the common rail is removed and connected with the included cable assembly.

Using the also included series connector, you can determine whether the cable assembly was installed correctly. As soon as this lights up, the cable assembly is under power and is able to supply Tuningkit.

Now, replace the series connector with Tuningkit. As a final step, you should mount the box in an area protected from heat and spray water.

Installation video for common rail engines:

For pump-injector engines (diesel):

Whether your engine is a pump-injector engine, you agree to the distributor pump. This one supplies the engine with fuel and can be seen at several connections to the motor.

There is a large round connector on the wiring harness that needs to be plugged in between the distributor pump.

In some cases, tuning kit still requires an external power supply, for example from the car battery. These are attached to the harness special connecting parts. These connections must be attached to the positive pole and the negative pole of the battery.

Installation video for For pump-injector engines (diesel):

For gasoline engines with turbochargers (gasoline):

Tuningkit also provides chip tuning for gasoline engines with turbochargers.

In this case, Tuningkit is connected to the MAP sensor. The MAP sensor is typically located on the intake pipe, but the exact location varies between the various vehicle types.

Supplied contents:

  • Tuningkit chip tuning module
  • Cable assembly, matching for your vehicle
  • Installation instructions
  • Cable ties for the installation

Approximately four weeks after receiving the merchandise, you will receive documentation from us to register the engine warranty if you ordered the optional engine warranty. Coverage is provided by “NSA Garantie”, which specializes on tuning.