Engine warranty

Chip tuning does not harm your engine in any way …

…but you nevertheless receive an engine warranty from us at your request.

We guarantee the highest quality of development, manufacturing and customisation for your individual vehicle. We do not overreach when tuning, but instead stay within the limits of the sensible and do not reach for what is technically feasible. This gives you the assurance that the engine life will remain the same as in the series engine, while also guaranteeing driving enjoyment.

The price for the engine warranty:

Tuning 2 Tuning 5 Option 4×4 Option Turbo
for vehicles to 2 years/ max. 100.000 km for vehicles to 5 years/ max. 80.000 km
148 EUR/Year 225 EUR/Year 35 EUR/Year 30 EUR/Year

incl. VAT.

Should you wish to have an engine warranty, please contact us by phone or e-mail.
All warranty conditions are found at: