Frequently asked about Tuningkit

What is chip-tuning and how does it work?

  • How does Tuningkit work under the hood?

Tuningkit works without modifying the original engine control unit but achieves the same effect as a change in the performance parameters of the ECU. Tuningkit receives the same information from the motor as the original computer.

Within a fraction of a second, Tuningkit then determines the optimum data needed for increased engine performance, but without damaging the engine. At the same time, it sends the recalculated data to the original control unit, therefore changing the engine parameters. The engine essentially operates in series, however with a much more noticeable increase in power.

Chiptuning with Tuningkit - Tuningkit works without modifying the original engine control unit

  • More power while being more fuel efficient at the same time. How does that work?

While this appears to be a paradox, it is in reality a simple physical fact: lower RPMs mean reduced fuel consumption. An engine consists of an almost inconceivably large number of moving parts. Any movement creates friction. This friction uses valuable energy and unnecessarily consumes fuel. When the engine RPMs are reduced, friction is also reduced and fuel efficiency increases.

After installing Tuningkit, the vehicle accelerates in 4th gear nearly as well as originally in 3rd gear. As a result, in most situations the vehicle can simply travel in a higher gear in city traffic, and therefore at much lower RPMs. You will be amazed how much fuel you can save this way.

Save fuel with Tuningkit

  • What is OBD tuning and how does it work?

OBD is an acronym for “On Board Diagnosis”. The engine control unit controls many engine modules, and monitors these continuously. When the control unit identifies a fault, it stores the information and gives the driver a warning to visit a repair shop. The shop can establish a connection to the motor control unit and read out the identified faults with the diagnostics device.

In the case of OBD tuning, the control unit data is read out in the first step. The retrieved engine settings are then modified with special software and uploaded back to the control unit. These manipulations of the control unit can be clearly traced with the diagnostics units used by the dealer or the vehicle manufacturer.

We have compared Tuningkit with OBD tuning. You can see all pros and cons here.

That's how OBD works

Is Tuningkit a good fit for me and my vehicle?

  • Will the chip tuning performed by Tuningkit damage my engine?

No. Tuningkit takes advantage of the performance reserves of your engine. Since the original motor management systems are not affected, all safety systems of the vehicle remain intact. An engine overload is therefore not possible. After the chip tuning performed by Tuningkit is removed, the engine is returned to its original condition.

  • Can I also use Tuningkit on a vehicle with automatic transmission?

Yes, Tuningkit is compatible with all manual and automatic transmissions since chip tuning does not affect the transmission.

  • What impact does Tuningkit have on my diesel particle filter?

Due to the high quality technology installed in our products, the function of the diesel particle filter is not impaired.

  • Can chiptuning also be installed without auto mechanic knowledge?

We are always concerned about user-friendly operation and since this is a straightforward plug-and-play setup, the installation is typically performed within 10 minutes on most vehicles. The difference can be felt immediately after the installation. Each kit includes a detailed installation manual. You can see an installation video here.

Tuningkit and safety

  • Is Tuningkit nothing more than “cheap tuning”?

No. Tuningkit modules are much more advanced than simple chip tuning modules. There are currently a large number of low-quality analog models available to consumers, such as simple resistor boxes that fake out the control unit with incorrect values. These modules also override the safety functions of the engine. Instead of providing more power and a comfortable ride, cheap boxes cause rattling, error messages, and soot.

These methods are unprofessional and damage the engine over the long-term. By contrast, Tuningkit only uses intelligent digital technology and high-end processors to provide you with the best possible driving experience. At the same time, Tuningkit is compatible with the safety systems of the engine. Our software is always written specific to the engine and updated daily, so that you always have access to the latest developments.

  • What will my automobile insurance carrier say about Tuningkit?

Insurance coverage can be lost with chip tuning. Every insurance carrier will react differently; it is therefore recommended that you talk to your insurance agent. However, experience has shown that many insurance carriers will usually permit tuning.

  • Can the chip tuning performed by Tuningkit be detected after being uninstalled?

No. After uninstalling Tuningkit, it is no longer possible to detect that Tuningkit was installed, and your vehicle is returned back to its original condition.

  • Is a TÜV component certification included with the Tuningkit chip tuning?

No, since we ship our products worldwide and the TÜV requirements are different in each country, Tuningkit is shipped without a component certificate. However, Tuningkit is equipped with all technical prerequisites to have an individual certification performed. Moreover, our product was tested and approved by the German Federal Motor-Vehicle Agency (Kraftfahrtbundesamt) for interference-free operation.

  • Will chip tuning reduce the service life of the engine?

No. Since no safety systems are deactivated and Tuningkit takes advantage of performance reserves, the service life is identical to the original condition. Oil change intervals also remain identical.

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