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Chip tuning by Tuningkit – Quality “made in Germany”

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We strive to manufacture the highest-quality chip tuning module for your unlimited driving enjoyment with your vehicle at an outstanding price and value.

Nearly every diesel vehicle can be equipped with our tuning kit. We constantly develop our products in order to offer chip tuning for current vehicle models.

Expensive development processes for each vehicle

Entwicklungsprozes bei Tuningkit

We test our new developments on the testing rig.

. This is the only way to ensure optimal peformance adjustments, and to determine the optimal increase in performance as well as fuel savings. We work to the highest quality standards along the entire production process. We require our suppliers to manufacture to the highest quality standards.

We work exclusively with TUV-certified operations, which have been audited for adherence to DIN 9001:2008.

Final QC of tuning kits is carried out by two team members before delivery. This QC simulates various driving situations in an exhaustive test process.