Tuningkit quality, warranty and legal information

As of February 2019

The following contains background information regarding Tuningkit’s quality standards, warranty, and legal information for the installation of the Tuningkit products Speed and Race. If you have any additional questions regarding the information provided here, our customer service is always happy to assist you.

Tuningkit provides you with a comprehensive quality and warranty package

Performance enhancement you can trust

  • 1-year Tuningkit engine warranty
  • Optimization within the limits of engine capacity
  • Comprehensive product warranty (2-5 years)
  • All engine protection systems remain activated
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Chip tuning Made in Germany

With Tuningkit, you enjoy enhanced performance with a variety of quality and warranty features. Maintaining engine safety and protection systems has been one of Tuningkit‘s highest priorities in our development and production processes.

For the perfect chip tuning experience, it is critical that one can enjoy the impressive increase in power in the knowledge that the quality and safety of the product meet the highest standards.

The Tuningkit engine warranty

Protection for you and your car

  • All important engine components covered
  • No deductible
  • Up to €5,000 in case of damage
  • Still applies after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired

As a chip tuning manufacturer with the highest quality standards for the products we develop, it goes without saying that our own 1-year engine warranty is included with the Tuningkit Race.

Here our engine warranty covers all relevant engine components, such as central transmission components, piston, crankshaft, engine block, valve, cylinder head, camshaft and turbocharger.

As our customer, you can benefit from this engine warranty for your vehicle up to a mileage of 100,000 km and a vehicle age of up to 5 years. To take advantage of this, your privately-used car must be registered in one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden or Switzerland.

In the event that our products cause any damage, the Tuningkit engine warranty will pay for the required repairs to the engine components. The coverage is up to 5,000 EUR and you are not required to pay a deductible.


The tuningkit product warranty

Our guarantee of high product quality

  • All central components of the module covered
  • Replacement or repair under warranty
  • Long product warranty periods (2-5 years)
  • No deductible
  • More comprehensive than statutory warranties

At Tuningkit, we develop and manufacture our products according to the highest quality standards. Every product undergoes extensive testing before it is delivered to our customers. From the development to the production, everything is Made in Germany.

For this reason, those who purchase our model Speed enjoy a 3-year product warranty and those who purchase our model Race a 5-year product warranty. This is considerably longer than the statutory warranty period and the warranty itself is significantly more extensive than the legally required minimum.

Our product warranty covers all essential components of our chip tuning products, the circuit board and electronics, the plug-in module of the circuit board, the cable harness as well as the housing and gasket.

If unexpected damage should occur to one of the components of our modules, we will repair it immediately or alternatively supply you with a new module to replace the old one. Our top priority is to make sure you are able to enjoy again the Tuningkit performance boost to its fullest extent, as quickly as possible.

Legal information concerning the installation of additional devices

Purchase and registration obligations for chip tuning in the vehicle documents

In some countries, in order that a vehicle is permitted to operate after the installation of a performance enhancement, the enhancement installation must be registered. Following the approval of the installation by the relevant authority, the vehicle can be driven on roads in a normal fashion. Registration is mandatory for example in the following European countries: Austria, Germany, France, etc. It is the duty of the purchaser to verify the legal regulations in his or her country before using the performance enhancement on the road. The vehicle may be used in the area of racing at any time, even without registration.

It is possible in most countries to obtain approval on an individual basis of the performance enhancement at a recognized testing institute. Because the possibility of obtaining this, the exact procedure involved, and the cost of approval varies from case to case and country to country, you are advised to check the details directly with the appropriate authorities.

Effect on warranty claims and other guarantees

By installing a Tuningkit, you lose as a customer the right to warranty claims on your engine vis-à-vis the guarantor for your car.

The installation of a Tuningkit can adversely affect your warranty claims vis-à-vis the vehicle seller with respect to the modified vehicle. Nevertheless, by purchasing a Tuningkit Race, our own 1-year engine guarantee is already included free of charge. Tuningkit is vendor of the highest quality and you are always on the safe side with us.

Insurance cover

The installation of a Speed or Race can adversely affect the insurance cover of your vehicle. You must therefore inform your vehicle insurer before the installation.

Further questions regarding legal topics and chip tuning?