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Chip tuning by Tuningkit is a high-quality product that improves performance for a reasonable price. Read on to find out more about the benefits of chip tuning with Tuningkit.

Improving performance with chip tuning – simple and smart!

Manufacturers nowadays often use the same basic turbocharged engine in their cars, modifying the performance characteristics via the engine's electronics. The hardware is the same, the software is different. Our chip tuning kit connects to the engine's sensors and optimises the values generated by them in real time before transmitting them to the ECU, the engine's brain. The result can be up to 30% more performance.

Save fuel with chip tuning! Is that possible?

Thanks to the increased torque produced by your engine with our chip tuning, you can change up into a higher gear earlier and generally drive at lower engine speeds. In short: with chip tuning, you simply drive like you always have and your car's fuel consumption could fall by up to 1 l per 100 km. You'll notice that in your pocket, and you'll be helping the environment at the same time.

After 20,000 km 300 EUR savings

A Tuningkit product will have paid for itself after just one year.

Enjoy driving without worrying – with our Service and Guarantee package

Tuningkit offers you improved performance with complete peace of mind. Our Tuningkit Race comes with a 1-year warranty on your engine if the vehicle is 5 years old or less and has covered less than 100,000 km. The engine warranty covers all the relevant engine components up to a total of 5,000 EUR (and no deductible). Our warranty applies even after the manufacturer's guarantee has expired.    MORE

Tuningkit stands for safety and quality

Every engine has power in reserve. Tuningkit accesses those reserves to give you improved performance, but always stays within the engine's limits. The OEM systems protecting the engine remain fully active because we don't make any changes to the hardware or the software. Our development phase involves exhaustively testing the function and quality of our products, and we carefully analyse how the product actually works in the car.



Configure a Tuningkit for your car in our shop and see which level of improved performance your engine could give you. If you still have questions, the FAQ section answers the most common ones about our products and how they work.